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The unique cutting-edge concept behind this 2-Day workshop is intended to deliver Warehouse best practice in a simulated environment whereby participants / learners are actually exposed to hands-on training on the incumbent relevant procedures underlying Warehouse Management. Over and above the theoretical aspects to be covered on best practice, delegates will delve into the practical aspects and thoroughly experience the relevant processes involved.

This course has been designed by our Warehouse & Distribution specialists and it equips delegates with practical learning tools that assist them in elements of warehousing; covering all elements, from procurement to operations and distribution and other key components such as creating, sustaining and managing a healthy supply chain system, promoting a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to warehousing operations management, in line with current best warehousing practice.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to :

  • Explain the challenges, objectives and functions of warehousing
  • Perform ABC inventory classification and cycle counting and calculate record accuracy and discrepancies
  • Identify the different types of storage and material handling systems
  • Improve supervisory skills and deal more effectively with warehouse staff issues
  • Develop better skills for housekeeping and safety within the warehouse
  • Measure warehouse productivity using the right KPIs and conduct a scientific audit of the warehouse
  • Warehouse operations
  • Customer service
  • Record accuracy
  • Staff relations
  • Health & Safety management
  • Warehouse auditing

Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course

SAQA ID:        252300                                    NQF Level: 5                            Credits: 18
US Title:          Manage distribution, inventory and warehousing

Full Course Topics:

Introduction to Warehouse Management

  •  Objectives of Warehousing
  • The Modern Warehouse
  • The Warehousing Cycle
  • Problems and challenges in Warehousing
  • Warehousing and Inventory costs
  • Customer Service in Warehousing

 Inventory Classification & Record Accuracy

  •  Types of Inventory
  • The ABC classification and its uses
  • Inventory Record Accuracy
  • Reasons for Poor accuracy
  • Periodic and Cycle Counting
  • Systems and methodology of counting
  • Knowing what’s inside the Warehouse
  • Knowing how much is inside the Warehouse

Dealing with Staff Related Warehousing Issues

  •  Key Roles of the Warehouse Manager
  • Staff Management Issues
  • Corrective guidance Techniques
  • Qualities of a Good Warehouse employee
  • Motivation of Warehouse employees

Storage and Materials Handling Systems

  •  Layout of the Warehouse
  • Size and shape of the Warehouse
  • Storage utilization and organisation
  • Types of storage systems
  • Fixed vs. Random location
  • Materials Handling equipment & Checklist
  • Improving the receiving / Issuing operations

 Productivity and Audit of a Warehouse

  •  Definition of Productivity
  • Causes of lost time
  • The Right Warehousing KPIs
  • Objectives of the Warehouse Audit
  • Components of the Audit
  • Steps to follow: Before, during and after the audit.

 Safety in the Warehouse

  •  Good Housekeeping practices inside the W/House
  • Identifying Safety Hazards
  • Isolating Unsafe acts and conditions
  • Causes of Damage
  • Planning for Safety

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