1. Online training is now the safest educational route with the health and safety of everyone among us being the number one priority. Companies are retrenching most employees because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and corporation’s still need to stay afloat and survive during these harsh times. Employees are a big part of the growing of a business, training employees to better understand the ins and outs of their job description is vital for a business, hence why the training sector for most companies will not go away and cannot be ignored. A business will need every aspect of its well-oiled machine to be taken care of by the right employee that is well situated and comfortable in with their job. Companies have increased their corporate online training by a whopping margin in the last 16 years.
What is online training? It’s when you use electronic technologies to present your corporation’s educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. You can deliver your program to employees via the internet.

2. Employee training using only classroom methodology will now become outdated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing is the new way of life but with life needing to go on and companies still needing to not just continue operating but growing as well. As people are more pressed for time with our daily schedules learning with a fixed time is not as ideal any longer, hence why people prefer taking online courses that they can take at any time.

3. The internet has revolutionized learning for all. Online training has the benefits of being cost-effective as compared to in-class type of training for companies. The benefits of online training are that there is no pressure about the completion of the course, and therefore, you can take your time to identify the learning styles that best works for you. Some people understand better by taking short notes while others opt to listen or use visuals for them to comprehend the concept. The different learning styles is an explanation of why students perform differently. In addition to the advantages of online learning is that it offers constructive feedback. Through the feedback given, an individual can identify the areas of the course that they did not understand well. In addition, the learner gets personalized feedback, hence making it easy for them to work on specified areas.

4. According to Training Magazine, “Verizon uses online training for knowledge-based courses where it can deliver consistent information, broadly (global, large nationwide groups), at the end user’s pace.” They go on to say, “As more and more training departments continue to do more with less, and new generations of workers clamor for Just-In-Time training on their devices, companies increasingly are converting classroom courses to eLearning—or least implementing a blended approach.”

5. Online learning is a trend that’s impacting corporate education for the better. Keeping up with evolving learning trends can be difficult. But as technology continues to develop, online training is one way to ensure that your company stays ahead of the curve.

June 24, 2020


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