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As a leader, senior manager or executive, you are often required to act as a coach or mentor for your staff. This training will enable you to set up robust coaching programmes that can make a significant difference to staff retention and motivation. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to encourage your staff to grow so that you can get on with your own essential leadership role.
This Coaching & Mentoring training course focuses on the methods by which managers develop the performance of individuals in their team. It looks at two main types of coaching, providing opportunities for managers to apply these skills, Senior Managers and Senior Audit Specialists as Coaches and Mentors for junior staff; and Junior Audit Specialists coaching and mentoring Interns.

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    • At the end of this coaching and mentoring training course participants will have learnt about:
      • Coaching to improve individual performance
      • The relationship between coaching and other performance management techniques
      • The key coaching styles (input and output)
      • The coaching process and skills
      • The role of the mentor and mentoring programmes.

HR Generalists.
Training Managers.
Human Resource Development Practitioners.
Learning and Development Practitioners.

Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course

NQF Level 03
Credits: 5


This workshop is practical in every sense of the word by virtue of several unique features:
As a manager or leader in the workplace, you will know how vital it is to motivate your teams and enhance the skills of the people you lead. Part of your role is to help and encourage your team to be successful. By using coaching skills in the workplace, you will support your team members to take ownership and responsibility for their actions. As a leader it is easy to give suggestions and to jump in when the answers are clear. However, allowing people to come up with their own solutions and to work out their own strategies is far more empowering. Your people need room to grow and make mistakes without feeling pressured.
By employing coaching skills you will be able to challenge individuals when they falter. Asking open (what? when? where? why? how? who?) and incisive questions encourages them to explore different ways of addressing a problem and to think creatively. Additionally, if you build on the success of each individual, it will inspire them to even greater achievements. This in turn will increase their morale and boost their self-confidence.

Topic 1: What is coaching?

• External coaching
• Internal coaching
• Mentoring
• Counselling/therapy
• Teaching and training
• Consultants
• Why is coaching so valuable?
• The benefits of coaching: some examples

Topic 2: Becoming an effective leader and coach

• What makes a good leader?
• Giving permission
• What is the intention?
• Being a role model
• Sharing leadership
• Recognising individual needs
• What makes an outstanding leader?
• Managers/coaches
Topic 3: Internal and external coaching

• Creating a partnership of equals
• Finding solutions
• Avoiding the pitfalls of internal coaching

Topic 4: The differences between coaching and mentoring

• Distinguishing between coaching and mentoring
• Knowing when to coach and when to mentor
• Coaching ‘on the spot’
• Coaching is a two-way process
• Establishing the differences between coaching and mentoring

Topic 5: Establishing the right climate

• Well organised and confidential
• Being non-judgemental
• Ensuring objectivity
• Remaining respectful
• Being challenging
• Ensuring manageability
• Time-bound
• Quiet and uninterrupted
• Focusing on your coachees’ best interests
• Operating within legal and ethical parameters
• Being truthful and having integrity
• Building trust
• Promoting self-awareness

Topic 6: Coaching models

• Developing people skills
• The GROW model
• Asking open questions
• The ERR model
• Situation + Thoughts + Space + Reactions = Result
• The Johari window
• Learning experientially
Topic 7: Coaching tools and exercises

• The prep form
• Identifying your values
• The wheel
• Getting to the heart of limiting beliefs
• Confronting the energy-drainers
• The SDOC tool
• Increasing confidence and self-esteem
• Making decisions & Visualization
• Neuro-linguistic programming
• Employing psychometric tools
• Using clean language
• Employing alternative methods to coaching

Topic 8: Effective communication skills

• Creating a good coaching relationship
• Using appropriate language
• Listening at a deep level
• Asking effective questions
• Limiting beliefs/assumptions
• Giving effective feedback
• Communicating non-verbally
• Presence and silence

Topic 9: Analysing communication to identify meaning

• Avoiding misunderstandings
• Uncovering the truth
• Stating your truth
• Using body language
• Looking at things from a different perspective

Topic 10: Respecting others’ worldviews and motivating your coachees

• Being respectful
• Accepting differences
• Motivating your coachees
• Appreciative inquiry

Topic 11: Overcoming barriers to coaching and mentoring

• Individual barriers
• Organisational barriers
• The coach’s own barriers

Topic 12: Understanding the role of power and authority

• Avoiding being autocratic
• Bringing energy to a session
• Increasing your awareness of your own behaviour
• Establishing the boundaries
• Allowing space for ideas to come out

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