Our Company.

Crinet Systems is a privately owned South African company that provides effective, organised training through specialised facilitation.

Our Vision.

β€œTo be a globally recognized Training provider for the provision of management and related conferences, training programs, short courses, and consultancy services, conducting of research in the private and public sector in Africa, based on its access to relevant knowledge, expertise, resources as well as its emphasis on quality products and value for money.”

Our Mission.

To develop and present training programs and short courses as well as providing consultancy services and solutions through research to contribute to the body of knowledge and capacity building and to enhance in general the effectiveness and efficiency of management in public and private sectors.

We are HWSETA, SERVICES SETA and MICT SETA Accredited providing value to Employers across all market segments and industries.

We provide comprehensive world-class solutions to mid-market businesses and industries nationally as well as specialist solutions and services within larger enterprise.

We maintain a philosophy of not only introducing well designed solutions to organizations but also working towards tailor making solutions for individual companies and organizations.

By using critical market research methods in the designing and production of our programs, we are able to identify the distinctive challenges facing local and African businesses today. Our commitment to service excellence means that we deliver genuine business solutions at competitive rates. Our research driven programs relate directly to market movements and industrial change. In order to provide learners with the ultimate learning experience.

Our Services.

Crinet Systems understands the need for improved service and cost effective quality trainings for their clients.

  1. Development of training material which can be tailor-made to suit customers needs
  2. Presentation of SACHE (South African Council Of Higher Education) accredited short competency based courses (duration 1 – 5 days) at NQF level 5 – 7
  3. Presentation of workshops in strategic formulation, design, architecture, analysing the strategies of competitors and bettering them, evaluating strategic plans etc.
  4. Action oriented research to address specific problems in missing or required value drivers, customer service, employee satisfaction, required value-adding for more effective functioning in the private and public sector
  5. Undertaking skills and competency audits and assessments
  6. Development of capacity building programs
  7. Undertaking of impact analysis to determine the effectiveness of previous by other providers in the workplace
  8. Development and assessment of skills development plans
  9. Supplying information concerning changes in the external environment, changes in industries, changes in dominating external driving forces, etc.
  10. Supplying information concerning the most relevant literature and official government documents in public, local government and police management to our clients

About Crinet Systems

Crinet Systems offers a diverse selection of courses from leading SETAs and accredited institutions from South Africa. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life.

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