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This Project Management Training will teach you project-management techniques, including managing time and costs. You will identify the features and attributes of a project, the steps and variables of the project management process, the effects of environmental, socio-economic and organizational structure issues, and the responsibilities of a project manager. Course activities also cover defining the project scope, writing a project charter, developing a work breakdown structure, identifying time management components, describing schedule development, using mathematical analysis techniques, and assigning resources. You will also learn how to estimate resource costs, create a capital budget, control the project costs, and compute a project’s estimate at completion (EAC) and variance at completion (VAC).

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    • The role of office professionals continues to grow exponentially. Modern office professionals are expected to be skilled in preparing executive reports, making presentations, attending and even contributing during executive board meetings. Top level office professionals now have highly visible and demanding roles in the public and private sector. This demanding role makes it imperative that Office Professionals have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the key fundamentals of strategic thinking, project management, corporate finance and reporting, leadership, HR, procurement and information technology.
      • All programme materials and handouts.
      • Issuing of certificate on completion of programme.

This event will be attended by administrative professionals from both the private and public sectors including

Executive Personal Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Personal Secretaries, Office Managers, Administration Managers, Management Secretaries, Senior Assistants, Executive Personal Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course


Training Activities Include:

• An introduction to project management
• The role of the project manager
• The power of planning – part one
• Critical Path Analysis
• Managing risk
• Managing project budgets
• Making a project presentation
• Selecting the right person for your project team


Part 1:
Aligning Operations to Strategy
• Corporate Vision and Mission
• How operations delivers the strategy
• Cascading objectives

Part 2:
Fundamentals of Modern Corporate Behaviour
• Exploring the characteristics of today’s global business environment
• Understanding the role of the executive assistant in a global economy
• Why is the executive assistant more relevant than ever before?
• Debating the importance and relevance of the executive assistant’s role in today’s business environment

Part 3:
Exploring Linkages between Strategy, Projects and Operations
• Strategy clarification
• Identifying structures, governance, systems and people capabilities
• Project alignment with strategy and organizational goals

Part 3:
Fundamentals of Project Management
• What is a project?
• Work Breakdown Structure
• Planning tools, Project risks
• Ways to compress a project’s schedule and budget
• Controlling the project, including status meetings and issues management.
• Controlling changes and closing out a project

Part 4:
Project Governance
• Implementing effective Project Governance
• Controlling the project, including status meetings and issues management.
• Managing effective meetings
• Controlling changes and closing out a project

Part 5:
People Management & Leadership
• Identify your leadership profile and explore how you can use this knowledge to create your own future
• Assess your leadership competencies and learn how you can develop your strengths
• Identify those additional skills and tools that can make you a better leader

Part 6:
Emotional Intelligence
• Know your inter-personal style and how your behaviour impacts others
• DISC personality profiling

Part 7:
Financial Statements
• Understanding the 4 key Financial Statements

Part 8:
Effective Communication & Conflict Management
• Develop your ability to influence and communicate with others
• Understanding communication:
• Diversity, assumptions and stereotypes
• Listening skills
• Verbal and non-verbal communication

Part 9:
Other Essential Management Skills
• Stakeholder Management
• Risk Management
• Managing Quality

Part 10:
Balanced Scorecards
• Understanding and measuring corporate performance
• Drilling down to the Executive Assistant role
• Measuring Success

Part 11:
Presentation & Report Writing Skills
• Oral versus written presentations
• Planning Presentations
• Overcoming Nervousness
• Report Writing
• Presentation Preparation
• The Speaking Voice

Part 12:
Problem Solving & Multitasking
• Differentiate and define various types of problems
• Root Cause Analysis
• Evaluate solutions and apply creative thinking techniques to problem solving
• Determine the decision objective
• Develop selection criteria & evaluate alternatives

Part 13:
Business Etiquette, Protocol & Diplomacy
• Cultural Awareness
• Understanding cross-cultural differences and awareness

Part 14:
Using technology in the 21st century
• Telephone courtesies and Cell phone etiquette
• Email protocols

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