Understand the importance of accuracy and attention to detail in day-to-day work

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Improve the accuracy, thoroughness, and overall productivity of your workforce with this online Attention to Detail training.

This online “corporate” course is designed to help both individuals and the organization become more detail-oriented. Online attendees gain a solid understanding of attention to detail, the costs associated with low attention to detail, the five fundamentals of attention to detail, and how their individual attention to detail (or lack of it) impacts their own work and success as well as that of their coworkers, customers, and other professional relationships.

Discussions, exercises, and lessons are delivered within the context of the organization and how to impact overall productivity.

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  • Identifying the importance of awareness of an individual`s abilities and work preference.
  • Explaining the importance of defining what responsibilities lie within an individual`s scope.
  • Plan work activities in a way that maximises the use of employees, taking individual preferences and abilities into account.
  • Communicate work objectives and standards of performance to staff in a way that each staff member understands.
  • Encourage individual, staff members to seek clarification of work activities and make contributions where appropriate.
  • Identify potential challenges with suppliers, staff and equipment and develop contingency plans.

All employees who want to enhance their attention to detail.  Enabling employees to function efficiently and effectively.

Stand-alone classroom-based accredited course

SAQA ID:         243956                                    NQF Level: 5                            Credits: 3
US Title:           Plan, organise and monitor work in own area of responsibility


Improving accuracy and attention
Understanding the impact of making mistakes and errors
Discussion of common errors and what influences the likelihood of errors occurring
Root cause factors that influence our ability to pay attention
Sharing of examples of common errors and techniques to help stay focused

Techniques, tips and tools to help reduce errors in working
Discuss and practise techniques to improve accuracy and reduce errors
Improving proof reading and errors transcribing and checking numbers
How to develop a range of skills and approaches to improve accuracy levels – maximise your performance and concentration
Exercises to improve attention fitness – practise improving attention span using brain games/training

Communication Skills
Eight Essential Components of Communication
Barriers to Communication
Non-verbal Messages
Distorted Thinking
Audience analysis
Attitudinal Analysis
Asking and Listening

Writing Skills
Language Style and Vocabulary
Punctuation Pointers
Calculating a “Fog Index”

Report Writing
What is a Report?
Getting Started: prior preparation and planning
What makes a good report?
The structure of a report
Writing the report: the essential stages

Accuracy in Typing
Basic Finger Position
Typing Lesson 1 – Left Hand Practice
Typing Lesson 2 – Right Hand Practice
Typing Lesson 3 – Left and Right Hands Practice
Typing Lesson 4 – G and H Keys
Typing Lesson 5- Apostrophe Key Practice
Typing Lesson 6- Shift Keys Practice
Typing Lesson 7 – Left Hand Top Row
Typing Lesson 8 – Right Hand Top Row
Typing Lesson 9 – Left Hand Bottom Row
Typing Lesson 10 – Right Hand Bottom Row
Typing Lesson 11 – Numbers Row Left Hand
Typing Lesson 12 – Numbers Row Right Hand
Typing Lesson 13 – Numbers Row Symbols
Typing Lesson 14 – Symbols In the Letter Rows
Typing Lesson 15 – Entire Keyboard Exercise

Action planning
Identification of your personal areas of strength and areas for improvement following the course
How you will apply these in the workplace

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